Wearing the Name “Christian”

When I was serving in the U.S. Navy and we would pull into a foreign port, my shipmates and I were always admonished to "be on our best behavior" and to "conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion." We were told: "The uniform you wear represents not only the U.S. Navy, but the United States of America as well."

If a sailor were to conduct himself in a disorderly fashion and get into trouble, citizens of that country would judge the whole United States by his actions. And so, the wearing of that uniform became a great responsibility to each man who put it on and ventured out into the populace.

In like manner as Christians, we carry a great responsibility just by virtue of the fact that we wear that Name! Because, in wearing the name "Christian," we are representing Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

If a Christian should act in a disorderly fashion or conduct himself in a way unbecoming of a child of God, those who see this will tend to judge ALL Christians (as well as the church of Christ – Rom 16:16) by his actions. Because of this, we are admonished in Scripture to "be on our best behavior" and "conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion" (Col 4:5-6; 1 Tim 4:12; Titus 2:7-12).

May each of us be fully aware and ever mindful of the great responsibility we have in wearing the name "Christian" as we venture out into the populace!  And may our "good behavior in Christ" (1 Pet 3:16) serve always to glorify His Name! (Eph 1:12; 1 Cor 10:31).

Terry Schmidt





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