Want to go to heaven?

By Jim Miller
Gray, Maine


Do you want to go to heaven? I believe we all do at least those of us who believe in our Creator. God the Father loved us so much that He has made it possible for anyone willing to obey to have a home in heaven with Him at the end of time. We as His children only have to follow the simple rules given to us in His holy word.

God has given us an instruction manual a pattern to follow that all men can understand. If we could not understand then God would be a liar and we know that isn't possible. There is one who is a liar who roams this world seeking to devour all in his path and that is Satan the great deceiver. Because God did not want just a bunch of robots He has given us a choice and free will so we can choose who we will follow. Many a soul has been lost due to the deception of Satan and many more will be in the future. Over the years the word of God has been so twisted to fit the false doctrines that man has created that it is barely recognizable. Yet, Gods word for those who really seek the truth can still be found in its completeness.


 Man loves excuses for justifying what he chooses to believe. Well, my family has always been Baptist or Catholic or Mormon or any number of man made religions. It is not that these folks do not have the same access to Gods word as everyone else does it is that they are happy with what is taught and they choose to believe the way they do. It is my belief that an honest man will seek to find out if what he is being taught is right. Sometimes just a simple question like if God didn't want a man to be baptized in order to gain salvation then why even mention it as part of His pattern? Man seeks to complicate Gods word so that others will follow him and not God. The less educated you make those who listen to you the easier it is to lead they astray. Oh you can't understand this let me explain it to you is the cry or that isn't really what God said He meant this or that. Yet when one sits down and examines the truth they find what God wants them to know not what some man has told them.

Those who come to you that truly care about your souls destination will not come speaking smooth words only but they will endeavor to show you the whole counsel of God. Those who come to you with the truth know there are things taught in Gods word that will condemn you if you fail to hearken to those words. Today maybe more that ever there is so much so-called religion that you can pick and choose just about anything you want to follow and believe and you can change that at any time if you stop liking what one religion teaches just move on to another. However, I ask you if God is not the author of confusion then why are there so many different religions?

These religions exist because man is not satisfied doing things the way God has instructed. Men want to redefine and rewrite Gods word to fit their own ways instead of changing their ways to fit Gods pattern. I could fill this writing with all kinds of scripture proving by Gods word that what I am saying is true and someone else can come along and by twisting the scripture to say what they want call me a liar. Isn't it time you opened your Bible and truly studied it? Is it not time to say I want to do what God has instructed? Isn't it time we all put away the lust of this world and seeking our own way?

Friends God loves you more than you can ever comprehend and He left you His instruction manual as a guide. Won't you lay aside your wants and desires long enough to seek Gods?

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