By Jim Miller
Gray, Maine

Progressive doctrines known to some as liberal doctrines over the years been allowed to creep into the church and have slowly eaten away at the moral fibers that once were the foundation of God fearing people. When you look at the world in which we live and the amount of not just denominational error but even error in what was once called the Lords churches is it any wonder why there are just a handful of sound assemblies in comparison. Men through the cunning craftiness of evil progressive doctrines have been led as sheep to the slaughter. All the while having a true pattern a blueprint as it were to lead them into all truth yet ignoring that truth to chase after their own lusts and beliefs.

Immoral standards that just forty years ago would never be accepted and would require harsh punishment today are winked at and allowed to continue not just in the world but in some churches. It is not just the immorality of the homosexual movement it includes all the immoral acts of men. It is just as immoral to embrace the changing of Gods word to fit something you want to believe as it is to embrace sexual acts condemned by God.


The concept of true morality has been thrown out the window and replaced with evil and dangerous doctrines of acceptance in the name of love. Progressive/liberal doctrine has twisted the true meaning of love completely out of shape and context. Continually redefining the meaning of Gods word to fit any and all desire a man may wish to have. If that isn't enough the whole word of God is completely ignored by more than a few.

We need to go back to building on the proper foundation and also go back to calling things what they are if a thing is evil it should be called evil. We for to long have sat by and let the foundations of our beliefs be undermined by progressive doctrines and the men who proclaim them. When the progressive/liberal tries to make you believe you can fellowship one who is in error and teaches a false doctrine we should stand up right then and openly rebuke him. If he is not willing to follow the pattern God has set for His people then this one should be marked and put out from among us. Sadly today most do not even understand what true heresy is and have no idea of the danger they are putting themselves in.

Those who do stand against such evil doctrines are the ones who get the blame for division among the brethren which is completely opposite of the way it should be. A lack of study and preaching and teaching the truth about these doctrines and men who proclaim them is evident and the lack of desire on the part of the Christian to make waves and stand on the truth is also evident. There is only one way that the true church Christ established is going to grow and that is when each and every Christian resolves within himself to put on his armor pick up his sword the word of God and proclaim it in its plain simple truth.

Those who spinelessly sit by and watch deserve what ever fate they receive but for those who go into battle for and with the word of God a great reward awaits us not because we were so strong but because we were obedient and willing to do our duty.

I can not repeat this enough YOU have to stand for and on the everlasting word of our Lord or perish. There are souls to be saved and we must be the ones to teach them.

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