We have great abundance in our modern, enlightened age; but heroes are in short supply. Those exemplary individuals whom we could set forth as positive role models for others are quite rare indeed.

Respected politicians are often exposed as being dishonest and corrupt, leading to embarrassing scandals. Adored sports figures have been known to take performance enhancing drugs, break the rules and cheat in order to win, disappointing their fans. Favorite movie & rock stars often act in unexpected and unacceptable ways, removing them from the list of possible role models.

For the Christian, there are always solid, honorable role models, put forth in God’s word, who are worthy of our respect and admiration. We would do well to model ourselves after these Heroes of Faith. Joseph is an excellent example of a godly servant we should imitate. When we think of Joseph, the following characteristics come to mind:

Probity: the quality of a person who is completely honest

Integrity: the quality of being honest and fair

Rectitude: the quality of being honest and morally correct

Righteousness: morally good; following religious or moral laws

Uprightness: always behaving in an honest way; having high moral standards

Virtue: a good and moral quality; morally good behavior or character

Fidelity: the quality of being faithful or loyal [to God]

The last trait listed is of great importance. Joseph’s love for and devotion to God ensured and enforced all the other characteristics. Because his heart belonged to God, the LORD was with him and blessed him. Joseph’s faithfulness enabled him to experience betrayal and injustice, without bitterness or resentment. It allowed him to endure persecution and suffering without complaining or despondency. Joseph’s faith in God empowered him to confront challenges and overcome difficulties with a confident spirit and without a prideful heart.

Joseph was God’s man. His allegiance and loyalty was to God and to Him alone. His heart belonged to God. What about your heart?

Terry Schmidt


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